Your current followers and potential clients on Instagram discover and connect with your business when you reflect their interests and values!

To make a lasting impression on your future customers or clients, it’s important to use quality videos and images – highlighting what makes your business unique!

But what exactly do you need to be doing? Creating original content that is engaging and representative of your brand is just the first step.

Here are my 8 Tips for Engaging Your Customers on Instagram to keep in mind when creating content for Instagram:

1. Harness natural lighting

When taking your images and videos for your feed or even in your stories, make sure you have good natural lighting!

2. Minimal text on images

While your content needs to speak to your audience, it also needs to tell your brand’s story. Use interesting visuals and minimal text on your images – people respond best to images with less text.

3. Have a clear message

The focus of your content needs to be clear in its messaging – make sure the subject you are sharing about is the centre of attention.

4. Keep it short & sweet

Keep the majority of your posts short and playful so people ACTUALLY read them instead of scrolling on by because you wrote a long paragraph of text!

5. All about aesthetics

When taking photos of your products, make sure they are eye-catching and attractive. Create a mood board of images that represent your brand so you can keep these consistent. Use props that relate to your business and capture different angles!

6. Connections matter

Sharing your products or services is the first step. The second is to start creating meaningful connections with people who share your businesses values and interests.

7. Communication station

Comment, reply and message your audience. This gives you the ability t connect with customers and other brands in your niche – to build a community, connect with potential customers/clients and generate leads.

8. Pay to play

While this isn’t always necessary, you can expand your brands reach through promoting posts or running Instagram ads – for both stories and posts.

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