Episode 1 outlines the 5 key online tools that I use in my agency to ensure I run my systems and workflows as smoothly as possible without wasting valuable time jumping across platforms.

Not only are these some of the best online tools available, but they are the EXACT same tools I use in my business to ensure it continues to run successfully. Saving me time and ultimately, money.
Take a listen or continue reading the shownotes below.

The 5 Essential Tools for Social Media Managers are:

  • Trello, for content creation, client approval and team tasks.
  • Agorapluse, for social media scheduling.**
  • Dubsado, for all client systems.
  • Zoom, for screen recordings/tutorials and recurring client meetings.
  • Asana, for business planning and project management.
Plus, I go into detail about my client content creation and approval system on Trello, which follows three super-simple steps you can take to help save you time so you can get some more freedom back into your biz!
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