Are you trying to create interesting content for your business on social media but feeling a bit stuck?

Not to worry, it happens to the best of us. My advice: create batches of content around a few key content buckets and schedule them from there.

Content buckets, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, are central themes that you can create branches of unique content off of. For example, these can be promotions, behind the scenes posts, sharing inspirational content or contests/giveaways.

If you’ve ever felt stuck, you need to have some content buckets in your life!

Content Bucket Ideas for Your Business

1. Share announcements

Share exciting announcements about your business. This can include limited edition items, latest products or offerings, and new services.

2. Show your product/service in action

Your social media platforms are a great way to show off your product or services in action. Give people an idea of how to use your product or ways in which your services work. Share images of your product being used by customers and what they can do with it if they buy it.

3. Behind the scenes

You don’t have to put out fancy, high-end videography in order to show off your products or services. You can utilise Instagram stories to create in-the-moment videos for your brand. People want to see the ‘real’ side of your business and appreciate authenticity more than ever.

4. Tips, tricks and tutorials

Teach your followers something new or share your industry insights with them. From how to style an outfit, how to write great content, or bake the perfect chocolate cake, you can have fun with it! 

5. Questions/FAQs

Do you get a regular set of questions from your clients/customers? Answer them in your posts or stories. You can also ask your audience to submit any questions they may have about your products/services too.

6. Share other peoples content

With permission of course! But this is a great way to fill up a content slot when you’re running out of enthusiasm to write an original content piece.

7. Reshare fan photos 

Reshare photos taken of your products or services in action. A little recognition goes a long way with your audience and will encourage others to share the love too. 

9. Inspirational content

Share a quote or something you find inspirational, that will empower your audience. It will also help you to connect with your audience based on shared values and interests.

10. Testimonials/Reviews

Received some good feedback recently? Share it with your followers.

11. Blog Posts

Share a new blog post once a week (more or less, depending on your business) that gives value to your potential customers/clients. Use this tool as a way to showcase your know-how and expertise.